US Education Counseling

Our advisors guide students to find the right school for them keeping in mind of their area of interest, location preference, financial ability and so on. We are not limited to a handful of schools because of which the students get flexibility in terms of university selection.

F1 VISA Interview Preparation

The two-minute interview at the US Embassy is the biggest challenge the students face and at Edwise we make sure our students are well prepared to face it. Our students go through 3 layers of interview preparation:

  • In the Class.
  • Group Session.
  • One-on- One.

Test Preparation Courses

Edwise has experienced instructors to help students score their best in TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE & GMAT using the latest technology available.

Financial Aid & Scholorship Guidance

Studying in some US Universities can be very expensive, Edwise provides students with the right information on how to avail scholorship & financial aid.


Test Preparation Courses

Why Choose Edwise Foundation?

Here are some reasons why we are the preferred institution among students for US study and test preparation courses.


Here are the three little things that makes us special


This is our dedicated team who work very hard to make your dreams of studying in US come true.
BM Khadka

BM Khadka

A pioneer of US education in Nepal, the Founder/Director of Edwise Foundation is the heart and soul of the organization. With his dedication, eye for detail and immense knowledge he has gathered in last 15 years, he has transformed Edwise to being the most trusted name for US Studies.
Jeevan Ghimire

Jeevan Ghimire

Manager & Senior Advisor
A US graduate himself, Jeevan shares his experience with the students to give them a clear picture of what student life is like in USA. He helps them by sharing his experience and guides them on how to succeed as a student in USA.
Sarojani Basnet

Sarojani Basnet

Administrator & Advisor
Ms. Basnet is the Finance officer and Senior Advisor at Edwise. Her friendly nature and no-nonsense attitude helps students be on their toe when it comes to the admission process, preparing and dispatching application documents on time and overall co-ordination.
Sujit Koju

Sujit Koju

Asst. Manager & Advisor
Another US graduate with plenty of academic as well as living experiences, Sujit also has a lot to share with you about US education system along with other experiences. He likes to help you choose the correct path for successful academic endeavors.


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