Welcome to Edwise Foundation

Edwise Foundation, Nepal is a very reliable platform for Nepalese students eager to study in the USA. The painstaking realization of the intricate procedures that the students have to go through from identifying the courses to actually arriving the Universities gave way to the establishment of Edwise.

Visiting Edwise itself is a step toward securing admission and scholarships. On- line service is also available to those who are unable to visit in person.

Teamed by a group of energetic professionals with experience of having worked in the Embassies and reputed educational organizations, Edwise provides students with genuine and comprehensive information on study abroad. The following are what we have to offer you:

1. Advising/guidance on courses and career
2. Weeding out of that best fits an individual
3. Guidance on documentation
4. Assistance in and guidance on document for visa interview purpose
5. Accommodation arrangement

Edwise Foundation makes good use of expertise and extensive contacts with schools in the USA for obtaining admission for the students with assorted walks of life.

We provide the students accurate and up-to-date information on the universities and our dedicated and experienced staffs make the application process effective and time saving.
Moreover we advise the students on admission requirements such as the GPA and Tests like TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT etc.

We also give information on American life styles and others that might be useful to the students.

Similarly, the Edwise Foundation not only represents American Universities and Colleges but also organizes information seminars on behalf of them.


We assess the students before processing, for example credential verification and check for application process.

Edwise Foundation ascertains that the American Universities always receive application complete in all respect, thereby hastening the application procedures and avoiding expensive follow-ups as well.
Documentation for Admission/Scholarship

Our advisors at Edwise assist students in documentation for instance filling up the forms, preparing SOP (Statement of Purpose), getting recommendation letters written etc.

Visa Interview Guidance

A lot of students experience bitterness associated with getting failure in Visa Interview as a result of poor documentation and interview preparation.

Our advisors prepare students accordingly so as to avoid students having to undergo such unpleasant situation.

Edwise Advisors not only guide on preparing appropriate documents but also counsel on how to face Visa Interview. Our surprising success rate justifies our efforts.


We also provide right information on the expenses incurred during one’s stay in the USA for study purposes. Such expense involves tuitions, living and others. We also make our students aware of financial assistance if any, might be/is available to them as foreign students.

Pre- departure Briefing

Pre- departure counseling ensures that the students have a profound understanding of the schools and their expectations, American cultures, living in the USA as an International student etc.

Competent Advisors

We have very informed and amicable advisors who enthusiastically guide the students from the day they step in Edwise to the day before their departure to the USA. Our advisors also keep in touch with students in the USA just in case they need some assistance. Above all our advisors try to keep track of students and their performance in the American Schools.